About Us

About us

Prince orient establishment for its owner Mr Hussein Hasan Maatouk and managed by its CEO Mr. Jihad Maatouk deals with general trade, industry, import and export, manufacturing, trading and sewing various military and civilian clothing, fabrics, lingerie, decorative tools sewing supplies, shoes, various bags, sleeping bags, sandbags, burlap bags, field sleeping mats, jackets and various men’s clothing, buying and selling of fighting suits, overalls, nylon suits, jackets, coats, ponchos, blankets, field mattresses, rubber insulators, bags, mosquitos nets, iron beds, Ranger shoes, leather and rubber boots, pavilion and tents textiles, woolen hats, cotton and woolen gloves, iron handcuffs, aluminum and stainless utensils, stainless steel saucepans, equipment for maintaining security and order, commercial representation, transportation and shipping.