About Us

Who we are

Prince Orient Est, for its owner Mr. Hussein Maatouk, the manufacturer of military uniforms and luggage, are heading for the world-class while maintaining the continuous innovation for the customer first based on our cutting edge experience accumulated over the years.
We are a trusted factory for producing uniforms for all Lebanese army forces. Our range of products include BDUs, berets, helmets, vests, gun accessories, backpacks, boots and other military products. Our excellent quality and reputation have been widely accepted by overseas customers ( Africa, Asia, Europe,..).

What we do

Now, not only for the domestic market, our products are also sold to African and Asian Countries such as Uganda, Ethiopia, Kongo, Arab gulf, and many other Middle East countries. Our products are continuously tested to insure that it meet today’s demanding specifications and global standards for performance, durability and safety.
Mr. Hussein Maatouk, the owner, has advanced manufacturing skills and evaluation criteria to optimize the quality of products and yielded higher customer satisfaction with competitive lowest price.